Found Poem for Finals Week 

How old are you? 

Do you have a pencil sharpener? 

Do you live in your own apartment?

Do you get bored when you have to read so many of the same essays? 

Should it be my own words? 

Should it be double spaced? 

Should it end with ‘s’? 

Can I meet you on Zoom?

Can I meet you at 10am? 

Can I confess something to you?

How do I put it in italics? 

How should I start?

Can I improve? 

Will it be good?

Will it be plagiarism?

What time is your office hour? 

What day is your birthday? 

What’s a word instead of “illustrates”?

Can I hug you? 

Can I leave now? 

How much time is there? 

Will you be here tomorrow?

Will you always work here?

In your opinion, will it be enough? 

Are these words from memory or imagination? 

Is the shadow a symbol of sadness? 

Do you think a story can come from a dream?